Atomic Hick Software’s goal is to bring PC gaming back to the PC, designing games with strong single player action and intense combat that can only be controlled by a PC. We strive to create PC games made for the PC gamer.

Our team has just completed work on Banana Man, a side-scrolling action shooter bringing a new twist to the genre which Duke Nukem and Commander Keen so well defined some twenty years ago.
11/27/2011 Banana Man sale extended through Christmas! Only $15 with free shipping! Buy it now at Bonanza! Offer ends 12/25/2011.
11/21/2011 Black Friday Sale! New low price on Banana Man all week! Now only $15 with free shipping! Offer ends 11/25/2011. Order now!
11/05/2011 Banana Man demo now available from AtomicGamer!
10/29/2011 Banana Man demo now available from FilePlanet!
10/24/2011 Banana Man playable demo now available for download! Click here to download the demo and start playing!
10/17/2011 Banana Man now available for sale! Only $20 with free shipping! Check it out at the Atomic Hick Store!
08/15/2011 New Banana Man screen shots featuring Weapon Traps and Steam Vents!
08/08/2011 New Banana Man game play video on Youtube!
08/08/2011 New Banana Man screen shots featuring Intlec Agents and Tanks!
08/03/2011 Atomic Hick Software purchases sound effect and music for its current project Banana Man from Soundranges!
08/01/2011 New Banana Man screen shots featuring Intlec Guards, Commandos, and Flying Drones!
07/25/2011 Atomic Hick Software launches its new website introducing Banana Man!

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